Where to pre order Morpheus PS4 VR Headset

Sony’s secret is no longer a secret. They are going “all in” on Virtual Reality. The headset is named Project Morpheus or Morpheus for short. According to Sony, the currently model is not the final product. It seems that the name is also no the final product name. So what you’re seeing so far is […]

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PS4 Headset – Astro A50 – Why it’s the best wireless headset right now

Into serious gaming? In particular, do you prefer to win when playing online? Astro builds great quality headsets for gaming and with greater details in PlayStation 4 shooter game audio, hearing opponents has become an even greater advantage. If walking on surfaces can affect the sound you give off to enemies, it would be a […]

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Thrustmaster 300P Gaming Headset – Full Details

We’re starting to see the PS4 optimized headsets hit the market. Yes, most existing headset will work on the PS4 but they likely will have some limited functionality. Bluetooth will have issues until Sony releases the headset legacy firmware update which has not been announced with a date yet. However we have some good news […]

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Official Sony PlayStation 4 Accessories – Complete Listing, Prices, Details

Consider this the master listing of official Sony PS4 accessories. We’re going to make this as easy to read and follow as possible. First, a simple list of the entire official accessory line-up. Second, a gallery of the boxes so you can easily spot them on store shelves. Quick List: vertical stand jet black DualShock […]

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