Custom paint jobs on PS4 controllers. Worth paying extra for?

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I should start by saying that I was one of the first people to have their Nintendo 64 controllers custom painted. I had a good number of customer painted controllers done by a professional who does artwork on hockey goalie masks. They were pieces of art, trust me! In fact they are still amazing to this day. I will post some photos below to give you an idea of just how cool a custom painted game controller really is.

With the PS4 being so new, the timing is great to invest in a custom painted controller. You’re going to get years and years of use from it. I was confident in disassembling my Nintendo 64 controller and putting it back together, but perhaps a brand new DualShock 4 controller isn’t something you want to disassemble yourself. I don’t imagine your warranty will be valid after taking it apart. In other words if you’re going to get this paint job done by a professional, you are going to take a small risk in that you’re sacrificing a warranty. If you have issues assembling after the paint job, I’m sure that you can find a repair center that can reassemble it for you.

Getting a controller painted by a professional artist isn’t mandatory. Over the years we’ve seen many custom painted controllers that are usually released as part of a big video game release. There are also special color controllers that Sony does release and the PS4 should see those also.

With the PS3 controllers, you could also get skins. These are harmless protective skins which feature custom artwork and they don’t leave any sticky residue on your controller. They can be removed and replaced easily. That may be an idea for you if you want the benefits of having a cool looking controller and you don’t want the expense or hassle of disassembling your DualShock 4.


Above is an example of a custom painted controller for the launch of a signature game series. Yes, this is Xbox 360, but expect and hope to see some special edition of themed controllers for the Playstation 4. If you think of some big video game releases, chances are they will have some type of custom edition controller. A new Call Of Duty game is a big occassion and hopefully we see a COD PS4 controller!


Here is a limited edition controller for the PS3 for the launch of MLB 11 The Show Edition.


The photo above is one of the more popular custom controllers for the Playstation 3. Who doesn’t like a camouflage controller to match their camouflage pants?

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The image above is my personal Nintendo 64 controller. It is a one-of-a-kind and quit possibly was the first done on the planet. It was done in a time before it would have been considered trendy. I’m looking for a higher quality image so you can appreciate it even more. It was painted by Mark Hart. You might see why in the first year or two of the PS4, why it’s a decent investment. People will be impressed for sure!

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This is my friends N64 controller. It was painted by the same guy who did mine in the image above. I must say his is pretty damn nice. Not sure if it bests mine, but it’s pretty cool. Once again, envision this type of custom paint job on your Playstation 4 controller. Are you tempted yet?

Photoshop Mock-Up PS4 Controllers – Various Colors

Here is a great collection of various edited and “not real” custom colors for PlayStation 4 controllers. We all know there is officially black, blue and red, but how about something a bit more snazzy? Put some of these on your wish list if you like. Most are photoshopped by Dinjooh. Others? Not sure who deserves credit.

purple-dual-shock-4 green-ps4-controller-dinjooh gray-dualshock-4-controller white-playstation-4-controller midnight-blue-color-playstation-4-controller-dinjooh ps4-custom-controller-gray-dinjooh custom-ps4-controller-camo-dinjooh ps4-controller-dualshock-4-colors




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