Final Fantasy 15 for PS4 – FF15 Pre Order, Release Date, Full Details

People are curious about the Final Fantasy series and whether it would be coming to the PS4. Well, yes you will get Final Fantasy 15 (XV) on the Playstation 4. We are just hours from the Sony E3 presentation but a couple days ago on the Amazon France site there was a listing for a PS4 Final Fantasy game. On that listing there was no specific game number, but a recent leaked image apparently from an E3 poster does in fact show Final Fantasy XV on a PS4 poster. Are you a believer in FF15 or is this just wild speculation and rumor? It’s game on. It’s real and it has been unveiled officially!

Official Game Summary: The only crystal left to the world lies in the Kingdom of Lucis. Upon striking a peace with the garrison state of Niflheim, Lucis rejoices in having at last brought the cold war to a close. Their celebrations, however, are premature. Under the guise of amity, Niflheim dispels the anti-armament runewall and launches a full-scale invasion of the kingdom. The peaceful lives Crown Prince Noctis and his entourage once knew are consumed by the flames of war as they struggle to mount a resistance.

Update Oct 2013: We’ve seen the first pre order page up for FF15. Yes, it’s true and it’s here. The release date listed is 12/31/2014. Yes, that says 2014 and not 2013. The listed price is $59.99 USD. Certainly it’s a best guess on their part but who really knows. Pre orders for video games seem to start earlier and earlier these days. Here is the box art for Final Fantasy 15 for PlayStation4:

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ff15-playstation-4 screenshot-ff-15 ps4-final-fantasy-15 playstation-4-ff15 final-fantasy-15-game-ps4 ff-xv-ps4-game ff15-ps4

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