What is PS4 Eye and do you want it or need it?

If you’ve heard of the Xbox Kinect, then you have a good idea what the Playstation 4 Eye is all about. It’s a camera that sits atop your television (or somewhere near your television at the front of your room) that will essentially watch you and will assist in communication. This accessory was available for the Playstation 3, but certainly with the launch of the PS4, this Eye is much more robust and frankly much more bigger. Sony has software named “EyeCreate” which allows you to edit video from the Eye camera and add all sorts of interesting and fun graphics and distortions to your video. The original Eye for the PS3 could be thought of as being a glorified webcam, but this new generation version is going to be much more central to the experience I would imagine. It does interact with Sony Move controllers and the new specs should make Move a much more accurate and enjoyable gaming experience.

A few key features include:

  • Accurately reads each player’s position
  • Head tracking for reading upper body movement
  • Zoom lens for close-up or full body options
  • Allows players to create a lifelike avatar of themselves in compatible games
  • Use for in-game chat and voice commands
  • Video chat with up to 6 people at a time
  • Sound quality is crystal clear with the built-in 4 microphone array


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