A vertical stand for your PS4 that can do it all

There are basic vertical stands for your PlayStation 4, but there are also stands that can do much more. Let’s take a closer looks at a very popular vertical stand that offers up a lot of functionality beyond just being a basic stand.

Ortz Games has made a vertical stand which has a cooling fan built into it! More than that, it also has two built in charging stations in the base. You can turn off the fans with a button on the front of the stand and it also has a front USB port and 2 HUB ports.

How have people liked it? What we see is an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on almost 700 customer reviews. That’s a strong indicator that this is a well built and reliable stand. No question that keeping electronics cool will help their lifespan. If you’re buying a vertical stand, why not get one with extra functionality? This makes a lot of sense to us. Check out the photos and see if the style and design is to your liking.

Current Price: $24.99 (save 50%)

Photo Gallery:

ortz-ps4-vertical-stand-with-fan playstation-4-vertical-stand-with-cooling-fan

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