Best PS4 Game? Destiny

I’ve just watched the entire Microsoft and Sony E3 presentations. I watched a lot of game previews and trailers today. I’m going out here and making a prediction. Destiny is going to be the biggest PS4 game. Indeed, this is the Halo series in a PS4 skin. The game looks crazy! I will tell you […]

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Official PS4 Earbuds

We’re starting to see a few more of the accessories that are headed to the PS4. What we now know, is that this is a mono earpiece that comes with the console package. Everyone is going to get one included! Stay tuned as we’re sure there will be a “sold separately” earbud that is stereo. […]

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Finally a PS4 unveil – First Look

Although the PS4 was informally announced a while ago, the public hasn’t seen the actual console until now. Full details are now available. Here’s what you need to know. You can now pre order. It’s going to cost you $399. 500GB hard drive which is upgradable PS4 Eye is sold separately Extra DualShock 4 controllers […]

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